EMERGENCY   0424-2888555,2266173

1.Laboratory (24x7)

The laboratory team consist of highly experienced team of bio-chemists, microbiologists and Lab–tecnicians. The lab facility include the following.
1. Bio-Chemistry –Fully Automated Analyser
2. Hematology-Sysmex Cell Counter
3. Serology
4 .Electrolytes
5 .Clinical Pathology
Our laboratory is dedicated to achieve the highest standards of quality. Working round the clock on all 7 days in a week

2 .X-Ray Department

Shiamozue –D 200 MA Rad General high frequency multiple X-Ray unit with Fujifilm Computerized Radiography System and Siemens Portable Multiple X-Ray with computerized radiography are provided. These unit operate round the clock 24x7.

3. 24 Hour Pharmacy

Reliable quality medicines are available round the clock for the patients all the days in a week. A 15% discount on MRP is given to OP patients and 5% discount is given to in Patients. Pharmacists work closely with doctors and nursing staff to ensure that the patients receive the right medicine and explain the correct dose of medicines. Pharmacists check the prescriptions and medicines at two stages to avoid error in dispensing of medicines.

            24 Hour Pharmacy
4.Insurance Help desk

Insurance help desk is provided for assistance to patients who are seeking cashless treatment from their insurance companies. Pre-authorization for cashless treatment and initial sanction are obtained by the hospital. In case the final bill amount exceeds the initial sanctioned amount ,then enhancement request is sent to the insurance company with discharge summary and details of investigations.

5. In -Patient Accommodation

 EMC offers a wide range of In-Patient accommodation ranging from General ward, Twin sharing rooms, Single AC rooms, Single non-Ac rooms, and Deluxe rooms.  General ward is spacious hall and has 9 beds for male patients and 5 beds for female patients separately. Every bed is provided with a bed side cub-board.  Sharing Room has two beds and a attached bath room. Attender cots is for provide each bed.  Single Room is an individual AC/ Non-AC room with Television and an attender cot.  Deluxe Room is a large air conditioned room with television, heater, and attendercot.

Room Charges Per Day
1.General ward Rs.200                                              4. Single room AC Rs. 1200
2. Double room Rs. 400                                             5. Deluxe room Rs.1500
3. Single room non-AC Rs.700                              6. CCU, ICU, NICU Rs.1400

Ambulance service is available with necessary facilities like ventilators and oxygen cylinder etc.The ambulance service can be utilized 24x7 for pickup and drop, transportation of seriously ill patients, victims of road traffic accidents etc. Contact no : 0424-2888555. Cell 7373097199

Hospital Canteen a provides a wide variety of vegetarian foods for patients and attenders. Canteen Timings 7AM to 9.PM

Covered car and two wheeler parking is available adjacent to the hospital. About 20 cars and 150 two wheelers can be Parked.